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Open Old-Time Jam

Old-Time Jam at Tractor Brewing
118 Tulane SE @ Central
Every Monday, 7:30-10-ish p.m.
Hosted by the Virginia Creepers

Click here for TUNE LISTS • TUNE LISTS • TUNE LISTS from the weekly Tractor jams.

A few notes about the Tractor jam:

• This is an open jam, with primarily experienced players. Beginners are welcome to sit in, but we play at speed.

• Acoustic instruments only. If you're unsure what the old-time style is all about, see the Old-Time Music link above and/or read this Tractor blog post.

• Like many old-time musicians, the jam hosts wrestle with the issue of offensive and questionable content, lyrics, and titles of the older repertoire, in particular. While we acknowledge the historical perspectives of this material, we choose to apply our current sensibilities and will change titles and lyrics as we see fit. We encourage jam participants to do the same while in this setting.

• Some jams are round-robin style and others are more free-form; this jam has historically been of the latter type, but we've recently been using the turn-taking approach. Everyone is free to suggest tunes; no one is required to. As a hosted jam, when there is a lull in selecting tunes, the Creepers will likely jump in with one. We like to keep things moving, since it is a room full of taproom patrons and everyone is happier when there's music.

• The person who starts the tune (or requested it, in some cases) is expected to let us know when to stop. We will keep playing until we hear a "last time" (or similar) or see a raised foot. (See hazard of not being told to stop: click here.) There is no standard number of times to play a tune at this jam; we play it until it's done, anywhere from about 6 to 20. [When I think we've about reached the time to stop, I play it two more times. Your mileage may vary.]

• Fiddlers and banjo players use special tunings for different keys, so it's common to stay in one key for a while to minimize the retuning. ("A while" could mean 5 or 6 tunes, or 20, or all night, depending on the group or the evening.)

• A little noodling between tunes is probably unavoidable, but loud and insistent noodling is generally frowned upon and is not Dale Carnegie approved.

• Support our fabulous taproom home, Tractor Brewing. Buy a beverage! There are a million types of beer (more or less), plus ciders, and even some sodas. They don't serve food, but several local eateries will deliver to the taproom (some menus are often available at the bar). You may BYO food from elsewhere.

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